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Shirikuh Center was established in Egypt in 2013 with the permission of the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity  .
There are two branches of the center for men and women in one of the modern districts of Nasr City, Cairo.
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We have a distinguished group of specialized teachers with experience in teaching Islamic sciences from Hadith, interpretation, Fiqh and reading of the Holy Quran.
They have taught these materials for many years.
Years of Experience - 10 years
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Shirikuh Center in Egypt offers you the opportunity to learn Islamic sciences.

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  • The Shirikuh Center is interested in Islamic sciences and adheres to the doctrine of Ahl al-Sunnah wal Jama’ah, and seeks Islamic values.
  • We aim to provide students of science in Arabic and Islamic sciences in accordance with a moderate approach of faith and ethics .
  • Provide the highest quality education with flexibility in the selection of curricula according to the needs of the student.
  • Provide opportunities for lovers of Islamic sciences.


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Egypt's historical position

Egypt’s historical position in the Arab and Islamic world and its excellence in the presence of a highly qualified elite of teachers of Arabic and Islamic sciences, and your presence in an Arab country will provide you with the speed of mastery of the language.

The dream of every Muslim

The dream of every Muslim Speaking in Arabic, learning Islamic sciences, reading the Qur’an, understanding it is undoubtedly the dream of every Muslim man and woman

Our Approach in Teaching Arabic Language

The Takallum books that Shirikuh uses is designed to teach Arabic to non-Arabs, which received many awards as the best integrated series in the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.We have a distinguished group of specialized teachers with experience in teaching Arabic language and Islamic sciences from Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh and reading of the Holy Quran. They have taught these subjects for many years.

We organize lectures and seminars

We also organize lectures and seminars on different topicsthrough which we aim to raise the level of awareness of our students.We accept all students, men and women, regardless of age or nationality. Our certificate is issued in Arabic and English. If you have finished reading or memorizing the holy Qur’an, you will also obtain an Ijaza, a certificate from your teacher so that you can teach others.