Shirikuh Center

Specialized in Teaching Islamic Studies

Shirikuh Courses

A group of the most skilled professors

Helping Muslims across the globe to fulfill the Prophet’s command to seek knowledge of the religion and to correct and enhance their understanding of its tenets.

Shirikuh Seminars​

Various seminars

We offer many different seminars in various fields in order to educate our students

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We have all the features and ingredients

Experienced professors

We have a distinguished group of professionals with experience in teaching Sharia sciences from hadith, interpretation, jurisprudence, and reading the Holy Qur’an. They have taught these subjects for many years.

Online education

Providing online classes for those who like to study Islamic sciences and cannot come to Egypt

Highest Quality Education

The Shirkuh Center relied its curricula and decisions on the curricula and books approved by Al-Azhar University, as it is a safe haven for those seeking Islamic sciences.

Study in Egypt

Egypt's historical status in the Arab and Islamic world and its distinction by the presence of a highly qualified group of teachers of Islamic sciences, and your presence in an Arab country will increase the speed of your mastery of the language

Get certified

The Shirikuh Center will give you a certificate at the end of each course stating the number of hours you have spent

Organizing seminars and lectures

We organize lectures and seminars on various topics which we aim to raise the level of awareness of our students
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