Online Arabic and Quran Courses at Shirikuh Center

Learning a new language requires personal endurance as well as consistency. The online courses offered by the Nile Language Centers help students who cannot attend the Centers in person realize this important endeavour through an internet based language teaching platform. This initıative aims to provide students the opportunity to learn a language through a simple internet access and without being bound by time and place. In this way, students who do not have the opportunity to learn a new language and do not have access to language centers will be facilitated.
We aim to lead the way in language teaching by providing services to a diverse audience from children to all ages around the world. In our online courses, we combine classical teaching methods with updated modern education techniques and technology while ensuring the use of effective and upto date resources necessary for language learning.
You can take courses from Egyptian Arabic teachers who work in the Nile Arabic Learning Center and have many years of experience teaching Arabic. As you take online classes, you can do it privately or you can join a classroom with all your friends and take the lessons at the same time. This can be done without fear of being late to class, paying for the transportation to class, being effected by the outside weather, etc.
You will be able to learn Arabic from your bed at home. In the Nile Arabic Learning Center’s online site, you can video call, normal call, or text your teacher. Also in the online site you can save, and continue from your saved work whenever you want to.
To put it shortly, you can learn Arabic very well from wherever you are, at a very cheap and suitable price. Once all the courses are completed, you will get your Arabic Diploma. Don’t waste any more time and join the online education network, which is spreading all over the world.

Online Lessons

Shirikuh Center online platform can provide
  1. Arabic (Fusha Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic),

  2. Qur’an (Tajweed, Qira’ah, Maqaam),

  3. Tafseer,

  4. Hadith and

  5. Fiqh classes.

In addition, students can study a classical or modern book of their choice with the teacher whether they want to study fiqh, tafseer, hadith etc. The Shirikuh Center will be happy to accommodate the choice and pace of students in studying these texts.
After completing the enrollment process, our students can use their personal computers to participate in individual or group lessons at mutually agreed times.


People who would like to learn a new language can be;

  • Primary and high school students

  • Adults

  • University students

  • Educators, academics etc.

  • Professionals

The Technical Requirements for Online Classes

It is sufficient to have 2MB+ internet connection, camera, microphone and headphones for online classes.

Smart phones, tablets and laptops can also be used to connect online.

Lesson Program and Classes

Course registration is renewed at the end of each course. Course hours and days are determined according to the student’s requests and teacher suitability.


Online course registration consists of the following steps:
  •  Go to the relevant page from the online link

  •  Fill out the registration form

  •  Approval of registration by the admin

  •  Opening the online course portal by Admin and appointment of the teacher

  •  Install Zoom program on your device

  •  Start the course at the agreed days and hours

Course Fees

The cost changes according to the number of students taking the same course.

For costs please contact us.

FAQ for Online Courses

Online courses are classes that the student can take without going to school.
Online classes use the same materials used in lessons that are used in a normal classroom environment. Also, the course can be taught by a different book that the student wants.
The student can take lessons from any teacher working at Shirikuh Center. In case of any sort of problem, another teacher will be offered.
Online classes use the same materials used in lessons that are used in a normal classroom environment. Also, the course can be taught by a different book that the student wants.

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